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Post-marketing service
Post marketing
The resident engineer and the headquarter engineer team serve together
Service agencies
Customer service hotline: 400-8260601
Service mechanism
Implement quick service response mechanism and visit when necessary
Service idea
The sales system covers the whole country
Zhejiang Quark Biotechnology Co., Ltd
has a complete enterprise structure, multi-disciplinary organic complementary, professional with reasonable R&D team and complete equipment R&D center, it has advanced production technology, covering the national sales network system and after-sales service system, professional marketing team, has become an important force in China's in vitro diagnosis industry.
Marketing team
The company has established a professional sales team of more than 100 people, covering the national market with the marketing framework of regional, provincial and regional managers.
Marketing channel
The company's direct marketing and distribution simultaneously to form a network of hospital terminals and distributors covering all parts of the country. Marketing performance
Marketing performanc
In recent five years, the company's performance has achieved rapid growth, and annual sales growth rate is over 25%.
Order description
(1) Order Description
1. The products listed in this catalogue are available in stock. If you have special requirements for product specifications, please contact our sales department. We will try our best to meet your requirements.
2. please specify the product code, product name, quantity and the type of machine when ordering.
3. In the process of storage and use, please keep it according to the temperature requirement marked on the kit, and pay attention to the validity period marked on the kit.
4. in the use of, if the product quality problems, please call the company's technical service hotline.
(2) Order Guide
1.packaging specification:
(1) Hitachi 7060 Packaging Applicable Instruments: Hitachi 7060/7150, Shimadzu 7200/7300/8000, Abbott AEROSET, Toshiba 120FR and other automatic biochemical analyzers.
(2) Hitachi 7170 Packaging Applicable Instruments: Hitachi 7080/7170/7180/7600, Bayer 1650/2400, Olympus 400/480/600/640/1000/2700/5421, Roche P800, Derricks-300/600/800 and other automatic biochemical analyzers.
(3) Hitachi 7020 packaging and application instrument: Hitachi 7020 automatic biochemical analyzer.
(4) Beckman packaging applicable instruments: Beckman DX, LX, CX series automatic biochemical analyzer.
(5) The company can provide special packaging for other brands such as Myry and Toshiba 40FR. Welcome to inquire and order.
2. Ordering instructions for calibration products and quality control products:
(1) Calibration products: Calibration products with 9733
(2) all quality control products need to be ordered separately.
(3) service guide
Sales Hotline: 0575-86296132 86298132
Order Fax: 0575-86298131 86766309
Technical service hotline: 4008-260-601
Address: No.1 Jiangdong Road, Zhejiang Xinchang High-tech Industrial Park, Xinchang District, 312500 Shaoxing, Zhejiang, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA
Zip code: 312500
Mailbox: [email protected]
Website: http://www.dgxcir.live
Technical service hotline: 4008-260-601
All regions of the country have technical support and respond 24 hours!
Please call the technical service hotline on weekdays!

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