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  • Corporate mission
    Make health easier!(Improving health with Personalized Diagnostics)
    Enterprise vision
    To be a first-class company respected by customers in the field of medical diagnosis.
    Enterprise purpose
    Precision Medicine to benefit millions of households.
  • Enterprise spirit
    Honesty, pragmatism, innovation and endeavour.
    Core values of enterprises
    The interests of enterprises are subordinated to social interests and the interests of individuals are subordinate to the interests of enterprises.
    Style of work
    Pay attention to efficiency and act vigorously.
  • Talent view
    know it, love it, use it, and let it together. Only by doing work can we succeed in doing business.
    Quality view
    Make good use of quality and win by quality.
    Service view
    User experience and user value first.
  • Business philosophy
    Quality is the root, service is the foundation and innovation is the soul.
    Management philosophy
    Top managers: do the right thing; middle managers: do the right thing; grass-roots executives: do the right thing. Counting accounts is more important. Economy is the most direct synergy.
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